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The Spring Break Plan to College Graduation

Let’s quickly review what the most successful college students suggest as their 5 keys to graduation.

1] Identifying Yourself as a College Graduate

2] Friends and Family First

3] Power of Prioritization

4] Create a Schedule

5] Willing Work Ethic

In this installment of the Secret Sauce to Graduating College we are going to take an in-depth look at creating your personal identity as a college graduate.

I am sorry I have to be the one to break it to you but college is hard! There is no doubt about it. I have worked with several thousand college students and can say with great confidence, each them, at least once, usually more, thought seriously of quitting college altogether. Sadly about 50% of them did so. This is right in line with the national graduation rate according to researchers at the Council for Aid to Education. I am sure 50% of students don’t start college thinking, “What am I going to study? Shoot it doesn’t matter. I plan on dropping out anyway.”

The most important attribute those who graduate college cultivate is the attribute of seeing themselves as graduates before they even start. They have thought about their graduation day, have projected themselves forward to that event, and do not see themselves as anything but a person who has a college degree. In fact, the students who get this vision of themselves most clearly in their minds eye are the ones who have the most enjoyable and rewarding collegiate experience.



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Study Up!

Did you know that roughly 50% of all college students who start college never go on to finish? 50%! That is an alarming statistic. Having worked in higher education for several years I have contemplated on how students can avoid becoming a drop out statistic. In this post I am going to give you the secret sacue for getting the most out of your collegiate expereince and getting to graduation.


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Can you believe the month of Jan is almost over? 2008 is 1/12th completed! Like the Steve Miller Band once said ” Time keeps on slippin, slippin, slippin – into the future“. But seriously will someone please slow down this ride. It keeps picking up speed the older I get.

Realizing that the month of Jan is almost over is creating a bit of urgency in me. I do feel like I am making forward progress on my goals, but I am not sure if I am making that progress quick enough. Also, some of my goals are getting more attention than others.


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Thinking Man
 Photo Credit: natashascafe.com

Can you believe it? Already the end of the second week of this new year. So let’s do a quick check-in to see how I am doin’ on My Direction. (more…)

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Rocky Stream
Photo By: Kristian j. Olsen

I don’t know about you, but some of my best thinking happens while I am exercising.

Today I decided I would take half of my lunch and head outside to get some exercise. While I was running stairs I started thinking about commitment. In my line of work I get the opportunity to support people in getting the most out of their educational experience. My colleagues and I often get frustrated when students end up dropping out, often due to a lack of commitment. But is that why they drop out? Is it due to a lack of commitment or is it due to misplaced commitment.


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I have always found with the dawn of a new year comes great energy. This year is no different. I am so excited for the new year to start. I feel like it is a fresh start. A clean slate. A chance to make the year the way you want it to go.

For the past few years my wife and I have sat down on Dec. 31st and written out goals that we want to accomplish for the upcoming year. I know that New Years Resolutions are somewhat out of fashion. However, we have found them to be a great source of happiness.

Happiness you say. How can that be? For me happiness comes from forward motion. From setting and achieving goals. It comes from having a direction and heading in that direction. The setting of a direction, or goals, at the beginning of the year puts my feat on a path that I want to go down. Instead of having the whims of the world determine my direction.

In the past the setting of my direction and goals has been a very private affair. Something between my wife and I. However, this year I have decided to blog about my experience. There are several reasons behind this.

First, it will help me accomplish what I set out to do. By telling others what I plan to do builds within me a sense of urgency and responsibility.

Second, I hope, in some small way, to inspire others. I work in an industry where everyday we help people get more out of their daily lives. I love this. It is so rewarding. So I hope in some small way I can inspire others to set a direction for their lives and achieve it.

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