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Study Up!

Did you know that roughly 50% of all college students who start college never go on to finish? 50%! That is an alarming statistic. Having worked in higher education for several years I have contemplated on how students can avoid becoming a drop out statistic. In this post I am going to give you the secret sacue for getting the most out of your collegiate expereince and getting to graduation.



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Marcus Tullius Cicero 106-43 B.C. Cicero, one of ancient Rome’s greatest philosophers, once said that good men are always happy. This blog is dedicated to the ideal of good. Or in another word Happiness.

I have become convinced that one cannot “choose” to be happy. Happiness rather is a bi-product of our daily actions and decisions. We are happy when we are, in the words of Cicero, good.

So what is good? Great question, I am glad I asked.


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Thinking Man
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Can you believe it? Already the end of the second week of this new year. So let’s do a quick check-in to see how I am doin’ on My Direction. (more…)

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Rocky Stream
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I don’t know about you, but some of my best thinking happens while I am exercising.

Today I decided I would take half of my lunch and head outside to get some exercise. While I was running stairs I started thinking about commitment. In my line of work I get the opportunity to support people in getting the most out of their educational experience. My colleagues and I often get frustrated when students end up dropping out, often due to a lack of commitment. But is that why they drop out? Is it due to a lack of commitment or is it due to misplaced commitment.


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I have always found with the dawn of a new year comes great energy. This year is no different. I am so excited for the new year to start. I feel like it is a fresh start. A clean slate. A chance to make the year the way you want it to go.

For the past few years my wife and I have sat down on Dec. 31st and written out goals that we want to accomplish for the upcoming year. I know that New Years Resolutions are somewhat out of fashion. However, we have found them to be a great source of happiness.

Happiness you say. How can that be? For me happiness comes from forward motion. From setting and achieving goals. It comes from having a direction and heading in that direction. The setting of a direction, or goals, at the beginning of the year puts my feat on a path that I want to go down. Instead of having the whims of the world determine my direction.

In the past the setting of my direction and goals has been a very private affair. Something between my wife and I. However, this year I have decided to blog about my experience. There are several reasons behind this.

First, it will help me accomplish what I set out to do. By telling others what I plan to do builds within me a sense of urgency and responsibility.

Second, I hope, in some small way, to inspire others. I work in an industry where everyday we help people get more out of their daily lives. I love this. It is so rewarding. So I hope in some small way I can inspire others to set a direction for their lives and achieve it.

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